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Nagios XI Customers

Customers who purchase Nagios XI may request access to our customer-only support resources (e.g. restricted forum board and email list) by filling out the customer support access form below.


Nagios Core Support Contract Customers

New customers who have just purchased a Nagios Core OSS support contract should take the following steps before using our phone and email support services:


  1. Tell us who in your organization is authorized to contact our support team by filling out our Designated Change of Contacts form online. You may change your designated contracts anytime during the valid period of your support contract.

  2. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you provide us with technical information on your Nagios setup by filling out our Nagios Technical Information form online.

  3. Remember to specify your account number whenever you contact support. Your account number is assigned to you by 4. Nagios Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the latest updates on Nagios, tech tips, and more.