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Bug? Empty/blank screen in NCPA Configuration Wizard

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Bug? Empty/blank screen in NCPA Configuration Wizard

Postby arthurf » Sat Feb 04, 2023 9:25 am

Hello everyone,

I would like to create an IT environment to be monitored with NagiosXI for my IT graduation project. Unfortunately I encountered a problem while configuring this and it looks more like a NagiosXI error/bug to me.

The NagiosXI server is running on a ESXI 6.7 Host as a virtual machine (Vmware OVA pre-configured virtual machine Version 5.9.3).
There are also two virtual windows servers running on the hypervisor (2x Windows Server 2019).
I have decided to monitor the virtual machines over the NCPA Agent (Agent NCPA 2.4.0). I installed the agents after a nagios youtube tutorial and didn't change the settings. The binding ip is also "".

However, when I try to add the two servers to NagiosXI (Configure -> Start Monitoring Now -> Setup NCPA ), after specifying the IP and token, only a blank/empty/white page comes up. Visible in the attached screenshot. https://localhost:5693 is also working on both windows machines!
I can also successfully establish a connection to the ncpa agents on the windows servers with telnet via another device in the network.
The local windows firewall doesn't cause any problems either, since I released the ports (5693 TCP+UDP incoming & outgoing) and even deactivated the firewall completely for testing. This is definitely a backend problem.

I found forum entries on the internet where the problem is known and tried to solve the problem with the instruction.
Unfortunately, this didn't help me either. (https://www.skynats.com/blog/fixing-emp ... in-nagios/)

Maybe someone here knows how to solve the problem. I'll write a short list of what I've already tried.
Many thanks in advance and greetings from Germany
- Arthurf

List of tried things:
- restarted NagiosXI + Servers
- testing other OVAs from the Nagios Website (Windows + Vmware)
- testing with/without HTTPS setting
- typing in the IP-adress into NagiosXI in CIDR
- installing older NCPA Agents
- remove and add components & wizards (component-backendiurl, configwizard.ncpa)
- same environment replicated and installed on VMware Workstation Pro 16
- tried other browsers
- cleared cache on browsers
- deactivated adblocker on browser
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Re: Bug? Empty/blank screen in NCPA Configuration Wizard

Postby arthurf » Sat Feb 04, 2023 9:49 am

Thread "Bug found in latest OVA from Nagios XI Download Page" is the same issue.
Does anyone have a download link for an older NagiosXI VMware ova. version?
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