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nagiosxi plugin to monitor String inside .Txt File

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nagiosxi plugin to monitor String inside .Txt File

Postby apteancloud » Mon Dec 13, 2021 4:35 am

Hi Team,

We have a requirement on one of our Windows machines to Monitor Text/log files for specific content in the file and give output.

Basically, we will get an output file(consisting of String values Green, Orange and Red) from one of the job scripts in .txt format and we have planned to monitor the file based on it, such that
Green = Ok
Orange = Warning
Red = Critical

Could you guys please suggest which plugin suits the above requirement on Windows machines with NSclient++ agent :)

Thanks in Advance
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Re: nagiosxi plugin to monitor String inside .Txt File

Postby kfanselow » Mon Dec 13, 2021 5:49 pm

Hi apteancloud,

If you know the strings you are looking for and using NSclient++, writing a VB or powershell script might be the best/easiest route to go. Here's a link to their guide on writing external scripts along with the nagios plugin guidelines:



Thanks and Best Regards,
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