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Enable notifications for specific contact groups

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Re: Enable notifications for specific contact groups

Postby aylesworth » Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:15 am


Here's the output in that file, it essentially just says what the email body contains, but no further info that I can see:

[event_id] => 2083733
[event_source] => 2
[event_type] => 2
[event_time] => 2022-04-20 04:01:53
[event_meta] => Array
[notification-type] => host
[contact] => me
[contactemail] => myemail@address
[type] => PROBLEM
[escalated] => 0
[author] =>
[comments] =>
[host] => ADMonitor - Server
[hostaddress] => 10.X.X.X
[hostalias] => ADMonitor - Server
[hostdisplayname] => ADMonitor - Server
[hoststate] => UP
[hoststateid] => 0
[lasthoststate] => UP
[lasthoststateid] => 0
[hoststatetype] => HARD
[currentattempt] => 1
[maxattempts] => 5
[hosteventid] => 1312985
[hostproblemid] => 0
[hostoutput] => OK - 10.X.X.X rta 39.539ms lost 0%
[longhostoutput] =>
[datetime] => Wed Apr 20 04:01:53 EDT 2022

[logging_enabled] => 1

These alerts are unimportant if they will not be generated when I turn on notifications for everybody. If these are only being generated because I have a modified template assigned that covers *all* alerts, that's fine.

I just want to make sure our helpdesk contact group isn't receiving them as well when I turn everything on.

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Re: Enable notifications for specific contact groups

Postby gsmith » Wed Apr 20, 2022 3:03 pm


You should be good to go.

I see that:
[hostproblemid] => 0

Which means there are no issues, so you are getting the email because you asked for "everything".

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