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Windows CPU utilization

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Windows CPU utilization

Postby vaadaud » Mon Mar 14, 2022 11:04 am

HI Team,

We are using NCPA to monitor Windows servers and SSH for Unix. We want to monitor CPU and Memory utilization and print the top 10 processes which consuming high CPU/Memory. Can we do it with default plugins for Windows and Unix.

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Re: Windows CPU utilization

Postby gsmith » Tue Mar 22, 2022 3:14 pm


You would have to come up with something custom.

To list what is available by default on the machine you want to monitor, from the Nagios server run:
./check_ncpa.py -H -t mytoken --list
(assuming ncpa has been installed on the remote machine, and is the ip of the remote machine)

For Windows the default available parameters are:


the crond service and the firewalld process were selected from dropdowns that show running services and running processes

You can run "perfmon" on the Windows machine in order to see the available counters.
on Windows:
typeperf "\MSMQ Queue(win-0v5rl4ot9c4\private$\admin_queue$)\Messages in Queue"
from Nagios:
./check_ncpa.py -H -t 'gjstoken' -P 5693 -M "windowscounters/MSMQ Queue(WIN-0V5RL4OT9C4\private$\admin_queue$)/Messages in Queue" -w 1 -c 2

on Windows:
typeperf "\Memory\Available Mbytes"
from Nagios:
./check_ncpa.py -H -t 'gjstoken' -P 5693 -M 'windowscounters/Memory/Available MBytes'

On the Linux side you would need to write a script that runs the "top" command, sorts it by cpu usage, and returns the top 10
items, then runs the "top" command, sorts it by memory usage, and returns the top 10 items

You can also check on https://exchange.nagios.org// to see if someone in the community has come up with
what you are looking for, or something that is close so you don't have to start from scratch. I would think what you are looking
for might be available, although listing the top 10 processes for each server might result in a pretty dense dashboard if you
are monitoring 100's or 1000's of servers.

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Re: Windows CPU utilization

Postby fabiosantos91 » Sat Apr 02, 2022 6:27 am

Though the NCPA protocol, in a windows environment, it is possible to invoke several metrics (cpu for example) at the same time and be able to visualize the output in a single bucket ?

To avoid having a big list of buckets...
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Re: Windows CPU utilization

Postby gsmith » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:02 am


That isn't possible "out of the box" as each pre-defined metric requires it's own service definition.

You could use a powershell or batch script on the Windows machine to gather the metrics you
want and have it report them back to Nagios XI in one shot via the check_ncpa plugin.

We are migrating to a new ticketing system so I am going to lock this thread. You can refer back to this forum
post if you have further questions regarding monitoring a Windows machine.


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