Crestron and Nagios

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Crestron and Nagios

Post by SandraLewisFrin »

Have been asked to come up with some kind of monitoring system for AV other than fusion.

Was wondering has anyone had any succus with this kind of project? I've been researching Nagios but I'm unfamilliar with how crestron could be integrated ?

Any info / tips on this would be great or even any information on using Crestron with SNMP as I've little knowledge on this bar what I can google
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Re: Crestron and Nagios

Post by TeetharKehar »

I've actually thrown a few TCP Servers into projects for this exact case. Nagios will send commands over a socket such as "STAT_(Room)_(Device)" and you can have it return power state, strings, etc.
I like to monitor that all Cresnet and IPID's are online. Let me know if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
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