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Postby babudhinakaran » Mon May 26, 2014 9:25 am

If someone can integrate recurring down time feature to Nagios Core (similar to NagiosXI) would be great. I have tried to integrate third party script which is available on Nagios exchange and "https://www.monitoringexchange.org/inventory/Utilities/AddOn-Projects/Downtimes/downtime_sched%253A-recurring-downtime-scheduler", but this is not working as intended.

Cases :

1) When I tried to add new host for recurring schedule it's throwing [NOT FOUND] error with the hostname, I need to remove it manually from the schedule.cfg. Please refer the below e.g.

define schedule {
schedule_type host
user nagiosadmin
comment Recurring schedule
time 06:00
duration 30
days_of_week sun

2) when I schedule multiple host for a same time frame, it doesn't schedule for all the hosts.

3) When I schedule same host for multiple days like sat,sun etc, it schedules for a first day which is sat and not for other day (sun).
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Postby eloyd » Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:41 pm

I used to do this for a big company using Nagios Core and simple cron scheduling to send commands to nagios (through nagios.cmd) that put the machine(s) into downtime and then took them out. LOTS more easier to implement than dealing with something as a stick-on to Nagios Core.

Same thing could be done with Windows-based Nagios using Task Scheduler.
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