A catch 22 of support

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A catch 22 of support

Postby miwalls » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:53 am

Good morning,

I have found that I am in a bit of a catch 22 in order to get access to the forum for nagiosxi. I've currently got a valid license for the university that I work at. Unfortunately what is happening is I've got a login for the support forum that doesn't work. I attempted to email the nagios@nagios.com forum support email and it came back as invalid. I then attempted to email customersupport@nagios.com and was rejected saying that I don't have a valid license. I then asked a coworker to try logging in and it says his account is inactive. He tried retry sending the activation email but it requires getting to the profile page to resend. Two classic cases of a catch 22. Maybe i'm just not intelligent enough, but I cannot find anyway to get help with our login credentials? Should I talk to sales? I am putting this in the feature request because I think that the nagiosxi should have an option to directly contact support even through email. Please help. I am having an large amount of issues with nagiosxi that is preventing it from going into production.

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Re: A catch 22 of support

Postby tmcdonald » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:24 pm

Your forum credentials are valid as evidenced by this post. You use those same credentials to log in to the ticketing system here: https://support.nagios.com/tickets/

We have shut down our old email-based ticketing system in lieu of the web-based system referenced above, and you or someone in your organization should have gotten a notice about this a few months back.
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