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The Saleae Logic Analyzer to monitor the signals exchanged.

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The Saleae Logic Analyzer to monitor the signals exchanged.

Postby SnowranCruzisi » Wed Jan 18, 2023 11:55 pm

I have been using the Saelee Logic Analyzer to monitor the signals exchanged among the boards of my embedded network. What is monitoring method do you use? What do you use? I find it really cool, but do you have any omegle echat other recommendations?
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Re: The Saleae Logic Analyzer to monitor the signals exchang

Postby AntalGrobinal » Sun Jan 22, 2023 10:54 pm

I'm designing a circuit to count pulses received by an INGAAS photodiode. The pulses are 25ns lenght and about 1mJ energy at emitted. It is basically a professional (1500nm) laser range finder with some extra pulse encoding, pointed directly at a photodiode over a few km. e.g. not detecting reflections but direct emissions.
Designing the circuit was quite straight forward using an LTC6229 high speed op-amp and the formulas from the data sheet.
I am expecting around 1mA max output from the photodiode at the distance we are working. My simulations in ltspice are all like one expects from the data sheet formulas, and by giving the TIA output into comparator and monstable multi vibrator I can make the omegle shagle short pulses suitable to be read by a microcontroller.
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