How to Configure A Linux Server To Send Netflow Data To Nagi

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How to Configure A Linux Server To Send Netflow Data To Nagi

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I have Created Server of Nagios Network Analyzer to Monitor Network of our small office Enterprise which having 70-80 Systems. but after installing server I have read that to run this server it needs Data flow from Switch, router or Linux server. but I Only have small Netgear router and from that it goes to L2 Swicth and from that it goes to Machines. So to Provide Data Flow to Nagios Network Analyzer I can create Data Flow Server for that. by reading documentation I have installed fprobe in Linux server machine machine for Data flow but I don't understand how to deploy it in network to Monitor Network. below is my Network diagram of my Office
I have draw Office Network.

Linux Data Sender: I have installed fprobe in Linux data Sender Server, this server has 2 LAN cards but I don't know how to use them, (as I think other LAN wire should goes from Linux Data Sender to Nagios Network Analyzer)

Nagios Network Analyzer: as I successfully installed this server & connect it to Netgear Router but I think (LAN from Linux Data sender should go to Nagios Network Analyzer)

I don't know what to do Next as I stuck in how to Provide data flow to Network Analyzer so that I can Monitor Network.

it would be helpful if anyone from you help me to resolve this Problem.
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Re: How to Configure A Linux Server To Send Netflow Data To

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fprobe is pretty self-explanatory if you follow the installation directions. Assuming it's installed in /usr/local/sbin, and if the NIC you want to monitor is eth0 and the Network Analyzer host is and the source port is 12345, then you would use this command:

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/usr/local/sbin/fprobe -ieth0
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