Performance analysis strategies

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Performance analysis strategies

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I am assigned to a performance-tuning-debugging-troubleshooting task.

Scenario: a multi-application environment running on several networked machines using databases. OS is Unix, DB is Oracle. Business logic is implemented across applications using synchronous/asynchronous communication. Applications are multi-user with several hundred call center users at peak time. User interfaces are web-based.

Applications are third party, I can get access to developers and source code. I only have the production system and a functional test environment, no load test environment.

Problem: bad performance! I need fast results. Management is going crazy.

I got symptom examples like these: user interface actions taking minutes to complete. Seaching for a customer usually takes 6 seconds but an immediate subsequent search with same parameters may take 6 minutes.

What would be your strategy for finding root causes?
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Re: Performance analysis strategies

Post by eloyd »

Maybe you should hire someone to figure that out for you, because monitoring netflow data is not going to provide any answers for you. Any this forum is about getting help with the Nagios Network Analyzer, which is a netflow analyzer program.

But if your question is legitimate, then the first thing I would do is look at who is sending what traffic when to your application servers and then correlate that with CPU, memory, and disk information to see where the bottlenecks are.
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