Old SourceForge List Migrated Here

This forum is intended for the discussion of Nagios Core development. Feature requests, patches, bug fixes, and all types of development-related discussions are welcome!

NOTE: The SourceForge.net nagios-devel mailing list has been deprecated in favor of this forum in order to expedite support and provide additional features not available on the old mailing list.

Old SourceForge List Migrated Here

Postby egalstad » Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:08 pm

Welcome Nagios Core development enthusiasts! We've moved from using the old nagios-devel mailing list on SourceForge to this forum. Historical emails from the old mailing list have been imported to this forum. Email attachments have not been migrated over. If you need to find an old patch that was attached to a historical email message from the nagios-devel list, start a new topic and we'll dig it up for you.
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