plugin timeout

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plugin timeout

Postby jotagera » Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:01 am

Hi all

I´m using nagiosgraph to view response time of my service checks.

We are using a web browser plugin developed internally in shell script and links.

When this plugin takes too long to terminate, nagios kills it and give me a "Service check timed out after 50.01 seconds" message.

In this situation i can´t receive performance data values and the graph in nagiosgraph got no point on this time.

I tried to solve this problem inside bash script:
i ran the links browser in background and control the timeout in a while loop. If the ackgroung process can´t finish, i kill it and return to nagios the time taken with a timeout message and a exit contition for CRITICAL (2).

But the Nagios can´t survive to this plugin. After some time it´s running, the nagios core stops to proccess results, including the received by nsca.

I can´t see nothing special on nagios logs.

Anyone got some similar behavior?
Anyone can help me with this situation?

Thanks in advance
PS: Sorry my poor english. :)
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Re: plugin timeout

Postby rkennedy » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:02 pm

In your nagios.cfg file, you should be able to increase the service_check_timeout variable to be longer than 50 seconds. You could set it to 120 for example. ... gmain.html

Then, on the individual check, try passing the -t 120 parameter to allow it more time to execute. The -t flag might not be applicable to all plugins, though.

This would allow the check to have 2 minutes to process.
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