Issue with Vmware OVA file

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Issue with Vmware OVA file

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Hi Friends!

So I was testing the latest ova file for Nagios XI and found potentially a few boo boo's

for example

yum update fails with the following message

Problem: package ansible-6.3.0-2.el9.noarch requires python3.9dist(ansible-core) >= 2.13.3, but none of the providers can be installed

then I noticed there is a script in /usr/local called ''

which includes some interesting comments...

Code: Select all
# Hopefully this script doesn't ever get seen outside of the company

but also this code which always seems to install the hyperv drivers because the php script always returns vhd

Code: Select all
type=$(curl -XGET " ... product=xi")
if [ "$type" == "vhd" ]; then
dracut -f --add-drivers "hv_vmbus hv_storvsc hv_netvsc hv_utils hv_balloon hyperv-keyboard hid-hyperv"
echo 'add_drivers+="hv_vmbus hv_storvsc hv_netvsc hv_utils hv_balloon hyperv-keyboard hid-hyperv"' > /etc/>

another issue I found is that the version of virtual machine being provided does not support centos 9 and compatibility needed to be to ESXi 7.0 U2 virtual machine on my instance to be able to select centos 9

I've never used the ova so I'd just create a new VM and install NXI.

I'd usually not respond to a post if I had nothing useful to add but seems you don't have the same filter..

Personally I'd also just install on one of my normal VM's but a customer was complaining my tool didn't work on the VM provided by Nagios and when I tested the VM I found these issues, So I'm reporting them

New vCenter deployment? Feels like something’s wrong with the installer ISO. Re-download and try again.

answer: thanks for reporting these. This thread was linked from our issue tracking, but I don't see an employee response here - just wanted to say that, while I can't guarantee anything about the last issue, we'll make sure the rest of these are resolved in our next release (5.9.4).
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