NagiosXI - F5 Load Balancers

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NagiosXI - F5 Load Balancers

Postby ciscosucks123 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:41 pm

Hello we are trying to setup BigIP F5 load balancers in our nagiosXI instance. We are having issues getting SNMP working as expected, i have confirmed that we are allowing SNMPv2 communication from the devices. Any troubleshooting tips to test SNMP from CLI? Or what my best option is to monitor F5 other than SNMP?
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Re: NagiosXI - F5 Load Balancers

Postby ssax » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:44 pm

It's almost impossible to test UDP (not an SNMP inform, but an SNMP poll or SNMP trap, they are UDP), you'd need to look at the network path logs to see if it makes it.

What I generally do is query it locally on the system (if possible), if I'm not able to do that I try to query it from a device that doesn't leave the same switch (doesn't traverse security devices such as network IPS, firewalls, etc) to make sure that it's configured properly first. It could be a whitelist or web app rule on your F5 but this being UDP is what makes this so hard, the trick is to packet capture/tcpdump on the remote system looking for packets from the XI system or from the XI system if looking for SNMP traps.

UDP means there is no response back from the server, no return packet means no way to test communication without looking at the logs/captures on each end and on devices in the path (logs or captures).
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