How To Get Fast Resolution To Your XI Issues

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How To Get Fast Resolution To Your XI Issues

Postby mguthrie » Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:48 pm

From XI Staff To Our Customers,

In order to give you the best support possible, we ask that you submit your support requests with the following guidelines. These guidelines are intended to reduce resolution time to your issues.

For all support requests, we need to know:
  1. What version of Nagios XI are you using?
  2. Linux Distribution and version?
  3. 32 or 64bit?
  4. VMware Image or Manual Install of XI?
  5. Are there special configurations on your system, ie; is Gnome installed? Are you using a proxy? Are you using SSL?
  6. **If you are encountering multiple issues that may not be related, start a thread for each issue

For Installation Issues:
  • Above information
  • For Redhat installs, you need to be registered with the RHN (Redhat Network) in order to have full access to their repos. XI will not be able to install correctly without full repo access since several critical packages depend on this.
  • Any error output noticed during installation, and what scripts were being run when errors were noticed.
  • If the installation fails, post the /tmp/install.log file so we can quickly troubleshoot the issue

For Other Issues:
  • Check our FAQS page to see if there's already a solution to your problem
  • Check the /var/log/httpd/error_log for any page display issues (Blank pages are PHP errors). Send us the output.
  • Newer XI installations have a Admin->System Profile page that allows you to send us an information text file with relevant information for troubeshooting. This can often quickly reveal an issue. If you don't have this component, you can download it here: ... nt/details
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