Info on Alert Acknowledgement

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Info on Alert Acknowledgement

Postby cbeach512 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:32 am

Sorry as I'm sure this information is out there somewhere... I've just come up empty on my search for it! I want to confirm how Alert Acknowledgement works before I communicate it out to my team. Let me lay out a couple scenarios. Please confirm or correct me if my understanding is wrong!

1) Alert is "Acknowledged", Alert goes into "OK" status, Alert fires again

In this case, the notification of the alert going into OK is sent, the acknowledgement is reset, then the notification of the new event is sent. This is the scenario I'm most familiar with and pretty confident about it working this way!

2) Alert is "Acknowledged", The same service/alert changes in some way

This is the primary case I'm wanting to know about. Basically there is an check we have setup on a service that can fire based on any number of connections "going down". When the alert fires, it includes in the notification which connection is having an issue. The hesitation on my teams part is that if we acknowledge the alert to stop the chatter on our alerts channel, if a different connection goes down, we won't get notified about it. My assumption is that nagios is smart enough to know that what I'm acknowledging is the specific alert state (IE "host x / interface y is critical") and if that state changes to a new non-ok state (IE "host x / interface y and interface z are critical") it would send off a new notification. To me, this would be similar to a check going from warning to critical, another state change I'd expect to get a notification of if the warning was acknowledged.

If there are other scenarios I should know about, feel free to include them in a reply to this too. The more I know the better. Thanks!
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Re: Info on Alert Acknowledgement

Postby snapier3 » Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:35 am

Be aware of the Acknowledge settings for;

is_sticky <-- specifically this one in answer to your question.

Working with acknowledgements I have found using an insert query as part of my handler logic to be very helpful.

"INSERT INTO nagios_acknowledgements (acknowledgement_id, instance_id, entry_time, entry_time_usec, acknowledgement_type, object_id, state, author_name, comment_data, is_sticky, persistent_comment, notify_contacts)"

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