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Event Log Query

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Event Log Query

Postby s.diwakar1 » Mon Dec 05, 2022 11:39 am

Hi All,

I am using Nagios Core 4.4.5

Whenever I restart my nagios services, nagios logs it's entry in the same date log file as well as 1-2 days back log file.

PFB screenshot for same.



Please help me to find the cause and solution for this issue and after restarting the service, nagios don't show the total availability of any host/service till start of next day.


Also, one more query, my event monitoring team reported an issue that nagios generate the alerts on time but it take time to show the same alert on console, sometimes it take 1-2 hours and then alert appears on console. Is it possible or a known issue? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance !!!
Thanks & Regards,
Diwakar Sharma
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