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Display Check Command on Extinfo Page for Services

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Display Check Command on Extinfo Page for Services

Postby silverbenz » Mon Jan 23, 2023 7:33 pm

Hi all,

Some time ago a colleague showed me his Nagios setup and it had one really useful feature I've not been able to find for myself. On the extended info page for each service, the command that Nagios runs to check the service was printed, as well as all the usual extended info. I don't know what the solution entailed; whether it was some kind of hack to the CGI code for extinfo or if it was something more attainable, like an extension - but I haven't been able to find any trace of it since.

It could be that my Google-fu is hopeless (very possible), but thought I might reach out here and see if anyone else can point me in the right direction. There have been a number of times where I've wished I had that facility while troubleshooting something, so I'd love to find out if it's still out there somewhere.

In case it's unclear what I'm trying to describe, when the name of a Service is clicked on in the Nagios GUI status pages a single page comes up dedicated to that service on a specific host, called the extended info page. In the centre top of that page is listed the Service name, the host the service is applied to, any service groups the Service belongs to and the IP of the Host. Under that list, in my colleagues' setup, was also listed the check command used for the Service, eg: $USER1$/check_ssl_cert -H <expanded-hostname-macro> <other-options>.

I've lost contact with the colleague who showed me this awesome feature, so I'm putting it out to the community to see if anyone else knows how I could achieve this wizardry :)

I know something similar could be achieved with the 'notes' field and Nagios macros, but we often use the notes field for...well, notes.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Display Check Command on Extinfo Page for Services

Postby eloyd » Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:05 am

I'm guessing it was the "Action" component coming into play inside of Nagios XI. If it was, then you're basically out of luck unless you pay for it. If it was Nagios Core, then it was definitely a hack, since I know of no way to add to the list of actions without cracking into the CGIs or replacing them with an intermediary.
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Re: Display Check Command on Extinfo Page for Services

Postby silverbenz » Tue Jan 24, 2023 5:07 pm

Thanks Eric.

It was definitely Nagios Core. We run XI for some of our customers and Core for others.

I've highlighted the area of the screen in red where I used to see the check command listed. Is that something to do with "Action" as you described?


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