Nagios for autodiscovery

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Nagios for autodiscovery

Postby bizres » Wed May 08, 2013 2:03 am


I'm installing a server at a small medical clinic where a LAN is already in place.
The guys who installed the LAN have closed down their company and have gone their own ways, leaving no map of the network, so we're having some issues knowing what's connected to what in terms of their LAN - some PC's have the range while other have the range.

I've got Ubuntu Server 12.04 as the OS on the server I've built and also have installed Nagios3.
Which of the Nagios plugins/addons can I use to do a network autodiscovery/network map?

How about the official Nagios Plugins at

Would really appreciate some help on this, pls.

Warm Regards.
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Re: Nagios for autodiscovery

Postby abrist » Wed May 08, 2013 10:07 am

Nagios is probably not the right tool for the discovery process. For this I would suggest nmap (or zenmap for a graphical frontend). Once you know your topology, you can start to plan out how your checks should be configured. This will included parent-child relationships and grouping for hosts and services. Nagios XI does have an autodiscovery feature, but it will not lay out the topology for you. ... wdesc=true
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