Hello - I am new. Seeking Help.

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Hello - I am new. Seeking Help.

Postby alarrarte » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:26 pm

Hello Nagios Community,

My company just purchased a license of Nagios Fusion and I am having some trouble with one feature, I wanted to create a thread under the "Customer Support" area but it does not appear I have the rights to do so. Can I have some guidance on how to create the thread there or should I post the problem here and have it moved over?

thanks in advance,
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Re: Hello - I am new. Seeking Help.

Postby slansing » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:36 am

Sure, can you send a email to sales@nagios.com and they can verify that you have a license, and can add you to the customers section.
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