Multiple alerts under one service/host

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Multiple alerts under one service/host

Postby divya9raj » Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:20 am

Hi Nagios Support,

Currently, I am working with Nagios where I have integrated it with a database platform (remote machines) to listen to the alerts and display them in the Nagios Web Interface.

Nagios here runs on RHEL. The remote machine sends SNMP trap messages (its an external device and not a box so no NRPE/SSH). I've setup SNMPTRAPD in the machine which captures the SNMP messages from the box and calls Nagios command to route them to Nagios. For this also, I have defined a trap service to manage the incoming traps from the remote machine.

But, the problem is that only the topmost alert is displayed in the Nagios (in the log as well as in the Nagios Web UI). Is that like till the first one gets cleared the other alerts for the same service don't show up? The thing is that I need all the alerts sent from the remote machine to be sent under one service/host to Nagios.

Any pointers regarding this will be much appreciated.
Thank You.
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Re: Multiple alerts under one service/host

Postby slansing » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:34 am

Can you show us some screenshots of this? If all the data is being returned on multiple lines then it is possible Nagios is truncating the information before a new line is created.
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