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[Nagios-devel] MSQL Tables and log files mis-match in data types, any ideas

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2002 10:40 am
by Guest
Hi All,

I have been investigating linking some of our in-house tools to Nagios and
have been working on reading from either the log files or a MySql database
for retention and status information.

In these explorations I have discovered some 'maybe' inconsistencies in the
data types used and descriptions of these as below:

I may be missing something or might be just straight dumb on this - has
anyone else got any ideas ?


TABLE hostretention --->

last_check int(11)

appears to be a short integer and is described as a time_t since the unix
epoch in the log-file documentation,

but in

TABLE hoststatus --->

last_check datetime

appears to be a datetime but is still described as a time_t since the unix
epoch in the log-file documentation

also confusing is that in

TABLE hoststatus --->

time_up bigint(20)
time_down bigint(20)
time_unreachable bigint(20)

and are described as no. of seconds elapsed in that state, or since the last
start of the server, but in

TABLE hostretention --->

time_up int(11)
time_down int(11)
time_undreachable int(11)

which is described as no. of seconds elapsed as well.

Am I missing something - does anyone know if there is a reason for this, if
not should I look at harmonising the database descriptions. Also should we
think about updating the xdata code to unift the storage between the files
and the database in terms of data-types.

Also - has anyone written a file to database or database to file conversion
tool ?


Mark Gillett
UK NMS Support

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