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[Nagios-devel] Re: [Nagios-users] Re: Opensource Helpdesk App? (just some thoughts)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2002 10:07 am
by Guest
One item that might be useful is having event id.
Currently the status log only has host/service name with the status.

Having an eventid generated by nagios for each state change would help
correlate events with reporting logs and ticketing systems.


On 3 Apr 2002, Geert Vanderkelen wrote:

> Hey all,
> I lost track of the original posting because email change. But I think
> the original post was just an inquiry about what helpdesk system people
> are using. And a very good question I might add..
> My knowledge about HelpdeskSystems is zero, but if a helpdisksys is not
> sending notification directly to the admin person, then it's pretty
> useless to link Nagios to it. We are notified by phone, NAS and email
> one minute after a problem and it is not fast enough.
> On the other hand, if such system can run on the same machien as Nagios
> and handling all notification stuff, it would be perfect. But it must be
> a robot doing intelligent stuff. Not only showing, but also acting.
> Nagios is a don't-queue-act-now-problem-notifier and linking it to a
> HelpDesk system would be very useful, but be careful with it.. people
> are going crazy when they have to holdon by phone for support.. Well,
> machiens are acting the same way sometimes :/
> Geert
> On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 08:33, Tom DE BLENDE wrote:
> *zip*
> >
> > Are there people using NetSaint to send out emails or to run certain shell
> > scripts to open tickets in their ticketing system? And if so: how are they
> > doing it and what ticketing software do they use?
> >

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