[Nagios-devel] Nagios configuration tool in PHP ready

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[Nagios-devel] Nagios configuration tool in PHP ready

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Hey all,

I tried to contact the nagios-crew directly, but it takes to long :)

We have a configuration tool for Nagios almost ready. Since we use
Nagios extensively, we are going to openup and release it as GPL on

It's already looking pretty and for now, only supports the major object
files and other cfg. It is useful to edit an existing configuration of
Inheritance and dependencies are shown. It can easly be extended with
new attributes. Code is readable with comments (duh).
A simple PHP installation will do. No special tricks for now ;)
Why in PHP: less time consuming. I would have done it in C. And I'm
thinking of doing some GUI in Gnome.. But PHP will do for such stuff.
Ok, Perl would have run more easly on other systems..

This baby will need a name. I called it 'PHP Nagios Kit', but there are
cooler once (like Neat.. maybe Nagat? :p ).

If name is settled and the guys of Nagios (Ethan) approves such a
project, it can be released. I need to release it as soon as possible.
Just to have more input.



Geert Vanderkelen


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