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Re: [Nagios-devel] undesirable verification outcome

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Re: [Nagios-devel] undesirable verification outcome

Postby Guest » Tue May 28, 2002 6:40 pm

On 28 May 2002 at 15:35, kray1 wrote:

> Hi again,
> "hostgroup_name" works great with b2 but found a undesirable.
> if the hostgroup you specify in a service doesnt exist you get the following
> error on verify,
> "Error: Could not find hostgroup ', ' specified in service

Should be fixed in CVS now.

> Also a difference i noticed between "Netsaint" and "Nagios" is that Netsaint
> allowed multi-grouped hosts. where nagios doesn't this makes total sense if
> you are using "hostgroup_name" for a service
> and it appears that this is the only time it will spit out an error.
> IE: Myserver exist in production and qa using the above example, you get a
> "service already defined, for Myserver. wonder why this could be *smile*
> this is not an issue with my configuration because i dont want multi-grouped
> hosts. but other people might?
> *realizes how would the programer determine which hostgroup takes precendence
> over the other*

I'll put something together to make sure dup hosts get ignored when
replication happens. Thanks for the note.

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer
Email: nagios@nagios.org
Website: http://www.nagios.org

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