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[Nagios-devel] mysql enabled - can't see data on web page

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[Nagios-devel] mysql enabled - can't see data on web page

Postby Guest » Wed Mar 06, 2002 4:26 am

I'm seeing a similar problem viewing service trends, though everything else
seems to be fine. I first noticed it with 1.0a5. I'll dig a little deeper.

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Subject: [Nagios-devel] mysql enabled - can't see data on web page
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I enabled mysql support for the full monty accept objects. If I look in the
database nagios at its tables, which I created with the
contrib/create_mysql, I see data, but if I go to the web page and try to
view the data, a netscape plug-ins box pops up and tries to have me download
a plugin called NPNetRecall.jar. It is only compatible with netscape 4.x
though, and I use netscape 6. The page also says:

It appears as though you do not have permission to view information for any
of the services you requested.

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