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[Nagios-devel] Performance Data

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[Nagios-devel] Performance Data

Postby Guest » Tue Apr 09, 2002 5:04 pm

I've created a plugin that creates performance data, and I have nagios =
configured to log performance data to a file.

It seems that if the performance data created is long enough, the log =
line is truncated. The limit seems to be 387 characters.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Has anyone else seen this and/or found any work arounds?



Example truncated log line:

1018368451 sc-s1-172-2 SmartCell SNMP OK: WORKING =
tableKey=3DSmartCell, currentStateName=3Dassigned, archiveRate=3D0.00, =
domainName=3Dhac.n.zantaz.com, numFileArchived=3D0, numDocsFailed=3D0, =
xRate=3D0.00,dataProcessor=3DHostMetrics, numFilesIndexed=3D0, =
unitID=3D01000000000000000000000003b500331b000000ed1b19af0300000000, =

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