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Re: [Nagios-devel] Database feeder for Nagios.Log

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2002 4:32 am
by Guest
Hey Mark,

As 'portable' sql and useful SQL is, it relays on an external server..
or even locally, that can go down. It is surely cool to have it in SQL,
but it isn't to save. I had the experience.

But, on the other hand. If the log files, configuration files, status,
whatever Nagios uses or spits out is easy readable, it would be a GREAT

I'm currenty writing a kit around Nagios in PHP for configuring it. We
need it badly inhouse, and hopefully it will be something I can release
openly (just need time to maintain it :/). But log files are that way,
configuration is another way.. Databases, pipes :)
Ok, we have a choice.. but to many choices is no good when writing
something as a configuration tool.

Why not using XML for example or something similar. The template version
of configuration files is great, but not very useful when external tools
has to access it..
I have my own little monitoring project in C using GLib 2.0 and libxml.

I just think that everthing that is parsable (log,conf) should be XML.
But that is just me thinking out load instead of hard, duh ;)

Best regards,


On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 13:30, Mark Gillett wrote:
> Hi All,
> It appears that there are a few of us tinkering with mysql or others for
> logging of status history information a la nagios.log.
> We appear (including Ethan) to be converging on the idea that an external
> feed to the database is the long term way to go.
> As an interim step - would there be any interest if I started to look at
> implementing a named pipe replacement for nagios.log and created a 'little
> something' that continues to feed a log, but also directs the SERVICE and
> HOST ALERT data to database tables. This would seem to be a prelude to
> some of the things Ethan is now considering and so probably not a throw -
> away. In the medium term it could also maintain the other servicestatus,
> hoststatus etc tables as well from this feed.
> Let me know ... I'm thinking hard about it right now.
> Mark
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