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AW: [Nagios-devel] MSQL Tables and log files mis-match in data ty

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2002 8:55 am
by Guest
Hi Subhendu,

i think the main reason to convert the config in a DB are the cgi's. The
cgi's read everytime the config's when a browser is requesting one of the
webpages. I think the conversion of the config's to a db is a better
solution than a apache cache modul.

I use one application which "compile's" the configuration into a DB. It is
'cricket' (, a very fast and easy to
configure replacement of 'mrtg' (reading values with snmp from
routers/switches/servers/..., storing them in a rrdtool DB and creating nice
graph's of the values). I think this can speed up the cgi's a lot.

regards vol

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types, any ideas

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Mark Gillett wrote:

> Thanks for the pointer on the future Ethan, I am not sure how many of the
> Netsaint/Nagios users out here are using the database support, but it
> to be a reasonable number. Would you envisage us adding database support
> a 'patch' or might you consider providing an API against which we could
> implement any other 'storage service' that we might want to play with.
> I guess that the alternative might be for someone ;-) to provide a simple
> SQL-->Files bridge (mmmm sounds a bit like mSQL v 0.1) for those who still
> want/need db support.
> Personally I am playing with the database as the files get a little clunky
> when writing other analysis code and or interfaces to
> systems other than Nagios :-(. With the db tables some of these
> are much faster (to code and to perform), especially when log-file
> (archiving) is enabled.
> Where can the community add most value here ?
> Mark

I think the config files are files for what Nagios needs from it - an
initilization. A DB -to- config generator could be built very easily
allowing you to maintain you configs in the DB yet use Nagios.

On the log aspects, I tend to favor an option of DB with a single column
table for each entry in addition to the flat files and archive methods.

DB does provide a certain flexibility in generating and sorting for
reporting purposes.


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