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RE: [Nagios-devel] Embedded Perl

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RE: [Nagios-devel] Embedded Perl

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 21, 2002 7:36 am

> yes

Oh, another clue ...

> From a performance viewpoint - you might want to consider the load
> generated by syslog/MySQL vs the performance from Nagios.

Yes, the performance is a very important point, that's the initial
reason for looking deeper to embedded perl.
I have a perl script, as standalone daemon which does the job. I do not
expect high load from syslogging to MySQL. Can you explain shortly why
you do?

> If you are going to do extended log analysis - you might be
> better off
> writting an app that generates passive check results into
> Nagios. I am
> suggesting this because of the limited runtime available for
> the plugin
> under an active check.

That's the input I was waiting for. I will do some investigations
on it... That would mean I do not need to write a plugin but a single
app which returns the states Nagios expects.

> for the cgi interface mod_perl would do the same - it runs as
> embedded
> perl inside Apache

Okay, mod_perl is quite an alternative.

> Additional perl plugin guidelines:
> output states:
> NDENT'=>4);
> These have changed from earlier version for Netsaint

These states are for plugins only, or for passive check results too?
This would be different from
${NAGIOS_HOME}/share/docs/passivechecks.html, so I wunder.

Best regards
Alex Kuehne

Network Manager, SAG, Berlin, Germany

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