problem with check_ldap

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problem with check_ldap

Postby dialsc » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:42 am


i've got a problem with the check_ldap plugin. im running nagios on a gentoo server and when i try using the check_ldap plugin it gives me the following error:
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ldap_bind: Protocol error (2)
        additional info: historical protocol version requested, use LDAPv3 instead
Could not bind to the LDAP server

i've figured out that the plugin knows the command line parameter -3 but whether or not is being recognized depends on (i don't know how it's called) some kind of global attribute in the check_ldap.c file. it's called HAVE_LDAP_SET_OPTION.

here's a snipe from the code:
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        printf (" %s\n", "-2 [--ver2]");
  printf ("    %s\n", _("use ldap protocol version 2"));
  printf (" %s\n", "-3 [--ver3]");
  printf ("    %s\n", _("use ldap protocol version 3"));
  printf ("    (%s %d)\n", _("default protocol version:"), DEFAULT_PROTOCOL);

what do i need to do to become this global attribute set during compilation?


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