Problem with -r option in check_snmp

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Problem with -r option in check_snmp

Postby semalan » Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:22 am

Hi to all!

I have the following problem.
I need to check BGP service by check_snmp (I know about check_bgpstate, it doesn't meet my demands).
So, if request "check_snmp -H <some IP> -o<some IP> -C <host's community>" returns 'OK - = IP address:' then service is down.
Therefore i can't use syntax like "check_snmp -H <some IP> -o<some IP> -C <host's community> -s <expected string>" because if s="" then it's not OK!
I tried to use something like "check_snmp -H <some IP> -o<some IP> -C <host's community> -r '(?!0\.0\.0\.0)' " but get regexp compilation error :(

So, the question is: how to make check_snmp return OK if response NOT EQUAL ? Maybe I need some sophisticated regexp?

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Re: Problem with -r option in check_snmp

Postby Lahn » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:17 am

First of all, there's a simple parameter you can give check_snmp so it returns critical if regex matches: --invert-search
I'm not too good with regular expressions so can't tell you why you get a compilation error.

Furthermore, if you use the newest version of the nagios plugins (1.3.15), be aware that the return value is bugged and always return OK ... tid=397597
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