creating and integrating new Nagios HTML pages

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creating and integrating new Nagios HTML pages

Postby MCM » Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:22 am

Hey everyone,

My research into Nagios has revealed that it's HTML pages are stored in the nagios/share folder. If I want to add my own HTML pages to the Nagios web interface, I can add my php/HTML/Image files in the appropriate directories within nagios/share. However, there are two issues I still need resolving. First, how do you specify the URL required to get your php/HTML/cgi to run and be presented?

Secondly, is there a way other than modifying the HTML of an existing page, to have my new pages referred to from existing pages?

The reason for this requirement is that I am trying to develop a product-specific "installer" for Nagios which will modify the nagios/share folder with the changes required to add my product-specific Nagios web pages. This way my customer, who is a non-programmer, does not need to modify the HTML pages at all. Of course, this means that a good solution that does not rely too heavily on the exact format of the HTML of existing pages is required since this could change between versions of Nagios. I wonder if there are any options in the resource.cfg or nagios.cfg that will help here.

If this needs clarification, please say.
Thanks in advance.
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