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Re: [Nagios-devel] Undesired behavior and Bug

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Re: [Nagios-devel] Undesired behavior and Bug

Postby Guest » Thu May 30, 2002 6:48 pm

On 30 May 2002 at 19:09, Pritzl, Peter wrote:
> When you have one or more services in critical state and on a host that is
> deemed down the sound for service-critical will keep playing every browser
> refresh even though you have acknowledged the host problem. This forces you
> to acknowledge every single service on that host to get rid of the alert
> sound. I am not sure this is desired behavior.

Does this happen in both the tac and status CGIs or just the status

> When you acknowledge a service problem, the service will appear twice on the
> tactical overview. Once as "On Problem Host" and once as "Acknowledged"
> while this is only confusing (undesired behavior?) and not a bug as such,
> the column summary actually counts every service in this state twice.

It should show up as both "On Problem Host" and as "Acknowledged",
but it shouldn't be counted twice in the totals. The fix for that
should be in CVS now.

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer
Email: nagios@nagios.org
Website: http://www.nagios.org

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