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[Nagios-devel] statusHOSTDOWNACK

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2002 4:30 am
by Guest
Hello nagios-devel,

I use Nagios 1.0b4 (CVS 020704) (with netsaint-plugins 1.2.9-4 :-(( and I
see following anomaly in the status.cgi. The cgi generates for a
acknowledged down host the following table data element:


But there is no 'statusHOSTDOWNACK' definition in the
$PREFIX/share/stylesheets/status.css. I have add the following line to the
status.css file and get a nice pink host in the tables:

> .statusHOSTDOWNACK { font-family: arial,serif; font-size: 8pt;
background-color: #F8BBBB; }


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