Distributed Nagios Configuration

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Distributed Nagios Configuration

Postby chadbaldwin » Wed May 11, 2011 1:33 pm

Hi All,

Here's my question...My company has multiple locations and are using VPN connections between those locations. We want to setup a distributed Nagios server configuration because we currently have just one server that is doing all the work and we have 255 hosts totalling 1620 services being monitored. We have one main office and multiple smaller offices. The goal is to have one site that centrally displays all reported data but have the work distributed so that each server only monitors its location so that there is no cross traffic other than a summary being sent to the main server. I have done some research and have found a list of options, but I wanted to see what the best way of doing this was...

Here's some of the methods I found...
Nagios Fusion

Any recommendations? We are looking for a free solution.
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Re: Distributed Nagios Configuration

Postby anbusiness » Thu May 12, 2011 11:26 am

About Linux, for example we use NRPE, meanwhile there´s only a web monitor in a central building, and the servers are distributed in other locations.
I had read that nrpe allows to manage multiple web monitors, also there´s a special configuration for joining all web monitors.

I hope i had give you a light.

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Re: Distributed Nagios Configuration

Postby chadbaldwin » Thu May 12, 2011 6:37 pm

Thanks, I am actually very familiar with how NRPE works. I've had to use it as a "relay" device because there are some servers that are not directly accessible from the main Nagios server, so I will use NRPE to issue the commands and report back, however, on a large scale this implementation may not work very well. I mainly just want to know which of the methods I listed is the best way to accomplish a distributed nagios server configuration.

My boss seems to be set on using MNTOS, but I'm not completely conviced it is the best route. I will do more research on how they work, but I am looking to see if anyone has a recommendation based on experience.
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Re: Distributed Nagios Configuration

Postby mguthrie » Fri May 13, 2011 4:24 pm

DNX - I haven't implemented it myself, but I've heard it works well for check load distribution.
Nagios Fusion - This is an enterprise solution, it's easy to set up, but not free.
MNTOS - Haven't used it, but what I've heard is generally very positive.
NRPE - Remote agent. Nagios initiates the check, the agent runs it and sends the into back to the server
NDOUtils - Not really specific to distributed monitoring. More of a DB backend for the status info.
NSCA - This is more of the classic distributed tool for sending data passively to Nagios.

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