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Nagios + snmp + cisco sg 300 switch

PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:11 pm
by eliteo
I just started with nagios, and had a little bit of a bumpy start but it seems to go better now.
My first problem was with snmp but I managed to get it up and going on some of our switches.
But I have problem with A Cisco SG 300-20 switch.

With the Dlink switch I use GbE_XX and it works.
When I checked on my cacti installation i noticed that all the Description on the switch was "Ethernet Interface" while on the dlink switch it had the correct name. -H -C public -n "Ethernet Interface"
It list all interfaces i dont have a way of separating them.. I only want to check a few ports.

This list all interface.
/ -H -C public -n zzzz -v
Alarm at 15 + 5
SNMP v1 login
Filter : zzzz
OID :, Desc : vlan
OID :, Desc : Ethernet Interface
OID :, Desc : vlan
OID :, Desc : vlan
OID :, Desc : vlan
OID :, Desc : vlan

Is there a way I can use the OID to instead of description?

Running it on a Ubuntu server 64bit, NagiosĀ® Coreā„¢ 3.2.3