Nagios and phone calls

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Nagios and phone calls

Postby isaaclw » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:33 pm

I'm using debian 6.10 inside a virtual machine.

I need to find a way to call out, over a sip protocol (to an asterisk server) to phones.
It seemed like pjsua worked, but it also seems to require a deep understanding of c code.
(to be exact, I have phone calls working, I just can't send audio)

So far the recommended options are:
- a local installation of asterisk (which seems like a terrible idea with our own asterisk server running a few feet away)
- vgetty, which at first seems more stable, but isn't what we want to do right now

Has anyone else done phone calls from Nagios? What have you used?
I'm up for anything, I just need to be able to create the sound from text.
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