Monitoring Extreme Switches on Nagios

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Monitoring Extreme Switches on Nagios

Postby sriks372 » Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:51 am


I am trying to Monitor Extreme Switches on Nagios but not able to monitor Interfaces, Memory and CPU usage I am not able to find any plugins for monitoring extreme devices kindly let me knwo how i can do this.

If anyone is already monitoring Extreme Switches please help me on this please
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Re: Monitoring Extreme Switches on Nagios

Postby crfriend » Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:19 am

sriks372 wrote:If anyone is already monitoring Extreme Switches please help me on this please

{Raises hand}

The easiest way to monitor Extreme devices (or any comms device, for that matter) is to use SNMP. To do this it's best to have copies of the Extreme MIBs handy so you can get the textual version of the OIDs you want to monitor.

We have several Extreme devices in the installation I run, and I monitor the CPU usage, the memory usage, and the status of uplink interfaces on all of them. CPU utilisation is had via OID
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, memory usage is had by performing some basic arithmetic on OIDs:
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in a custom-written perl plugin (a trivial exercise once you've done one or two). The uplinks are monitored via the industry-standard IF-MIB and another custom plugin that's sensitive to a list of uplinks passed in on the command live via a custom host variable that's attached to each host definition for an Extreme switch.
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