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ERROR: Description/Type table

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:23 pm
by maik1211

I have this Nagios Core 3.3.1 server and put a plugin which is "" when I run it in the command prompt its working but when
I started using it in nagios it says: ERROR: Description/Type table : No response from remote host
What could be the problem? Ive already searched the net for almost 5 days yet still can't find the solution. :(

This is the plugin's command and its working
[root@maikz libexec]# ./ -H (ip_adress) -C (community) -2 -w 4,5,6 -c 8,9,10 -T netsl -f
Load : 0.24 0.16 0.16 : OK | load_1_min=0.24;4;8 load_5_min=0.16;5;9 load_15_min=0.16;6;10

here is my commands.cfg and resource.cfg for your reference.
define command{
command_name check_snmp_load_v2
command_line $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ $USER8$ -w 4,5,6 -c 8,9,10 -T netsl -f

# Sets $USER1$ to be the path to the plugins

# Sets $USER2$ to be the path to event handlers

# Store some usernames and passwords (hidden from the CGIs)
#$USER3$=-l user
#$USER4$=-x password

$USER7$=-C community
$USER8$=-C community -2

its my first time so any help would be appreaciated and please be gentle ;)