Nagios CCM: Update Configuration

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Nagios CCM: Update Configuration

Postby hornseym » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:33 am

Is there a way to update a Nagios conguration where CCM is installed?

Let me explain more:

I have a development system and a production system, both with Nagios (the XI version) and CCM installed. In the development system I work on updating, extending and fixing issues with the Nagios configuration. On the production system I then run the Nagios system once I'm confident I have the configuration correct.

I've already deployed Nagios to the production environment. I have a new configuration from the development environment; this includes new hosts, new services and updates to current hosts and services. Is a way for me to update the configuration in the production? Will CCM accept a new configuration without me inputing it manually to go through the GUI? Or do I basically have to re-install everything with the new config? Or even do I have to put it in the static configuration directory, bypassing CCM entirely? I did try this with the import and it seemed to duplicate everything instead of update it.

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Re: Nagios CCM: Update Configuration

Postby tmcdonald » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:25 pm

Just to clarify, is this for Nagios Core with the CCM installed separately, or is it for Nagios XI which includes the CCM by default? There are two different sets of options here, but I am a bit unsure of what exactly you are running.
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