Perl script integrating to NSclient++

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Perl script integrating to NSclient++

Postby bosco » Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:00 am

Perl script integrating to NSclient++

Hi i have a Perl script for checking the date in a .ini file and service status and if not running will throw critical alert. i would like to know how to integrate that script in nsclient++.cfg file as i am first time using perl script and i know its similar to the pwershell integration,can you share from below which is the right method for intgrating this in nsclient++.cfg file

[/settings/external scripts/wrappings]
; Perl scripts
pl = "C:\\\\strawberry\\\\perl\\\\bin\\\\perl.exe" scripts\\\\%SCRIPT% %ARGS%

[External Scripts]
check_oracle_cman=perl scripts\ --mode="$ARG1$" --environment="C:\oracle\client11g"
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Re: Perl script integrating to NSclient++

Postby mcapra » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:10 pm

The biggest obstacle is getting Perl to run correctly in the Windows environment. Does perl resolve correctly? What's the output from command prompt when you type:
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perl -v

It seems like you have set up a wrapper for .pl files:
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[/settings/external scripts/wrappings]
; Perl scripts
pl = "C:\\\\strawberry\\\\perl\\\\bin\\\\perl.exe" scripts\\\\%SCRIPT% %ARGS%

But aren't defining your perl script as a "wrapped script". In order for the wrapping to apply, you will need to define your external script under the "wrapped scripts" section like so:

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# A list of wrapped scripts (ie. script using a template mechanism).
[/settings/external scripts/wrapped scripts]

Refer to this section of the NSClient++ documentation to get your wrapping to apply to your .pl script: ... ed-scripts
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