Nagios Core -> NagFlux -> InFluxDB -> Grafana

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Nagios Core -> NagFlux -> InFluxDB -> Grafana

Postby neworderfac33 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:54 am

Good morning,

I know that Grafana isn't a Nagios product, but I'm just posting my question in case anyone else has attempted to do what I'm trying and can offer any advice.

I currently have a Core 4.3.2 installation running under RedHat 7.2

I also have PNP4Nagios and Grafana, which works fine, with PNP Datasource in Grafana taking the data from PNP4Nagios and generating charts within Grafana beautifully, as well as natively within PNP4Nagios itself.

However, the PNP datasource does not support email alerting, so, whilst I can get Grafana to send out a test email, proving that my SMTP configuration is correct, I can't generate email alerts as a result of one of my Nagios services passing its warning/critical thresholds.

A datasource that DOES support alerting in this way is InFluxDB, which comes preinstalled with Grafana and I have set this up... I think!

BUT... in order for InFluxDB to be able to communicate with Nagios, I need to install something called NagFlux - see

I have also found information about installing all of these at ... na/details, but it appears to refer to Nagios XI running under CentOS, and it also seems to cover installing InFluxDB, which I already have (as well as details on installing Grafana, which I've already done)

So, my question is, has anyone out there tried to install and configure NagFlux in a setup similar to mine and would you be interested in sharing?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Nagios Core -> NagFlux -> InFluxDB -> Grafana

Postby mcapra » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:38 am

I spent about an hour playing around with a similar setup and didn't encounter any specific problems following what's on the Nagflux github page. Seemed pretty straight forward.

I never played around with the InfluxDB alerting stuff, but I was able to get Core perfdata into InfluxDB (and eventually Elasticsearch) and then drawn by Grafana. Is there a particular reason you're leveraging InfluxDB to handle the alerting when you already have Core installed?
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Re: Nagios Core -> NagFlux -> InFluxDB -> Grafana

Postby dwhitfield » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:08 pm

Thanks for the assist @mcapra!
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Re: Nagios Core -> NagFlux -> InFluxDB -> Grafana

Postby neworderfac33 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:58 am

No, no reason in particular - I was just wondering if it could be done, that's all.

In any case, I've just been informed that we're not going to require Grafana alerting, so my question has become academic.

Thanks for your assistance, though - you can close this thread.

Have a good weekend.

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