Graphing Free, rather than used Disk Space in Core

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Graphing Free, rather than used Disk Space in Core

Postby neworderfac33 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:14 am

Good afternoon - another working week winds down to its close, so if you reply and I don't (at least not immediately), it's because I've gone home - yaay!

Withing Core 4.3.2, I use :
Code: Select all
define service{
       use                      generic-service,nagiosgraph
       #host_name               MyHostName
       hostgroup_name           MyHostGroupName
       service_description      Drive Space - C
       #servicegroups           diskspace
       check_command            check_nt!USEDDISKSPACE!-l c -w 90 -c 95

to show the used disk space on the c drive of a remote host and this translates nicely into used disk space graphs in NagiosGraph, PNP4Nagios and Grafana.

Is there an equivalent that will allow me to create the corresponding graphs for FREE, rather than used disk space?

Thanks in advance and have a good weekend.

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Re: Graphing Free, rather than used Disk Space in Core

Postby dwhitfield » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:34 am

You may just need to write your own. I found ... ee/details but appears to be for *nix.

You can still use NSClient, but you'll need to use NRPE with it to call your script.
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