Services doesn't show up under CCM>Services.

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Services doesn't show up under CCM>Services.

Postby ubedfordshire » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:01 am

Hi All,

I am a Nagios Newbie. There are few hosts and services added on to Nagios where I can find them under " general search" on "Right top of the page" and get them listed. but if I want to modify few services and go to CCM> Services and CCM specific search. I can't find them at all.

I went to CCM>Hosts and I can find host which has all services missing under CCM>services but found under general search. I thought you can't configure services under CCM>hosts. isn't it ? Please advise.

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Re: Services doesn't show up under CCM>Services.

Postby dwhitfield » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:13 pm

Did you install the CCM separately, or is this XI?

If XI, can you PM me your Profile? You can download it by going to Admin > System Config > System Profile and click the ***Download Profile*** button towards the top. If for whatever reason you *cannot* download the profile, please put the output of View System Info (5.3.4+, Show Profile if older) in the thread (that will at least get us some info). This will give us access to many of the logs we would otherwise ask for individually. If security is a concern, you can unzip the profile take out what you like, and then zip it up again. We may end up needing something you remove, but we can ask for that specifically.

After you PM the profile, please update this thread. Updating this thread is the only way for it to show back up on our dashboard.
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