(use_ssl == true): Request packet version was invalid!

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(use_ssl == true): Request packet version was invalid!

Postby rogonl » Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:24 am

We recently upgraded our Nagios Core environment to version 4.4.5, which includes nrpe 4.0.3. Since then we noticed on a regular basis this error message in our log files:

nrpe[27401]: Error: (use_ssl == true): Request packet version was invalid!

We found out that another server in our environment is also running nagios (not managed by us) and is monitoring our nagios server as well. However, they're running an earlier version and are using check_nrpe versie 3.2.1. Apparently this makes our nrpe daemon returning this error message as I found this piece of code in the nrpe.c source code:

if (packet_ver != NRPE_PACKET_VERSION_2 && packet_ver != NRPE_PACKET_VERSION_4) {
logit(LOG_ERR, "Error: (use_ssl == true): Request packet version was invalid!");
return -1;

It's therefore accepting version 2 and version 4 packets, but not version 3. Is this on purpose or is this a bug?

Kind regards, Ronald van Gogh
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