Problems with Nagios XI after upgrade to 5.7.1

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Problems with Nagios XI after upgrade to 5.7.1

Postby kwaszak » Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:25 am

after upgrading Nagios XI from 5.6.14 to 5.7.1 I have observated multiple issues with config applying and services refreshing.
The first problem I occured after upgrade, was bad date of "last check" in ALL hosts/and services (1970-01-01) and there was no way to force any refresh of them.
To resolve this I had to move retention.dat file and after nagios service restart it was ok with refreshing, however I lost all of service downtimes, acks and comments.
After setting some of them it seemed to be all fine (downtimes created fine) till the config apply. After some small change in radom service or host - ALL hosts/services again bacame in Pending status and where refreshing over again (like the whole system was restarted). It never happened to me in Nagios XI 5.6.14 and before. In my Nagios enviroment there are 8k+ services and 800+ hosts so continous Pending status and refreshing all of them after any config apply is something I cannot deal with.
The second thing I observed after config apply is when new retention.dat file is created, comes back the issue with refreshing and not all the downtimes I created are applied.

For that moment I had to roll back to Nagios 5.6.14 because I'm not able to work on new Nagios version.
I would be really gratefull for any help.
If any config files are needed I try to get them despite the rollback.

The last thing I'd like to add - all problems with bad date, refreshing etc. concern ONLY Nagios XI - Nagios Core works fine.
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