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plugin http crash web interface

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 7:31 am
by malfury

I'm sorry for my poor english but i try to do my best for explain my problem, i've 2 virtual machine on my physical computer,

One for Nagios Core
One for my wordpress local

I configure plugin it's ok, but when i can add plugin http, my interface web crash.... i test the plugin it's ok

Image ( )

so i add another http -> /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/localhost.cfg

define service {
use local-service
host_name wordpressprod
service_description HTTP
check_command check_http -H wordpressprod -I -p 80

I restart my virtual machine and crash website nagios.... i check status nagios

Image (

and when a delete my plugin wordpress it's work...

Idea? Thank