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Exclude one single SQL Job

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2021 3:59 am
by Fabian.Walcher
i have a big problem i'm searching now for a long time and can't find anything.
I Always get the following error in Nagios Core:

[08-19-2021 07:25:01] SERVICE ALERT: XAL164;SQL Jobs;CRITICAL;SOFT;3;CRITICAL - Number of failed jobs: 1 - Failed Jobs: Monitoring_QueryExecutionTime.Subplan_1 last run at 08/19/2021 07:00:00

Thats a "known" issue on the SQL Server but i need to Exclude that one single job from the monitoring.
Is there any way that i can exclude this? Please let me know.

Here is the Check:

define command {
command_name check_sqljobs
command_line $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -U nagios -P nagios

And here the Service:

define service{
use local-service ; Name of service template to use
hostgroup_name sql-hosts
service_description SQL Jobs
check_command check_sqljobs

Thanks in advance ;)

Re: Exclude one single SQL Job

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2021 11:29 am
by mcapra
Looks like this plugin has an exclude argument baked-in: ... y#lines-67

Code: Select all
parser.add_argument("-x", "--exclude", action="store", help="A comma seperated list of jobs not to check", dest="exclude");

Could try adding -x Monitoring_QueryExecutionTime.Subplan_1 to your command definition's command_line.

Re: Exclude one single SQL Job

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 3:40 am
by Fabian.Walcher
Thanks a lot :)
That fixed my problem.